Sunday, April 09, 2006

Radical Self-Acceptance

Jay, a trans man over at jay sennett jaywalks writes a super post about anger and and the body and blogging in a way that only he can do.
Sexiness, righteous anger, sound bites (blog bites?) sell in the blogosphere. I seem to spend too much of my life energy trying to find Something Really Important to Blog About. Those posts get hits. Those types of posts are also the ones I tend to read. But posts about the ordinariness of life, emotions like rage and anger and hatred and disappointment, they don't sell.

Yet these posts that bring me back to myself: the beating of my heat; the fullness in my bladder; my right thumb; the ancient rememberance that my social justice work is about healing, healing myself first and foremost. And from this strong place of myself, I remember again the Work: extending my hands, keeping them open, ready for another person or even an animal to grasp them.

All the work I do is simply to help me keep my hands open.
He goes on to quote other bloggers and poets in his post "With no future we have nothing to fight about": on Radical Self-Acceptance and Surrender


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